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The DocumentParser interface is responsible for parsing different types of documents.

This interface is mainly based on the implementation of Langchain4j.

The DocumentParser interface returns multiple types of documents:

  • [cc.unitmesh.rag.document.DocumentType.PPT]

The DocumentParser interface also returns single types of documents:

  • [cc.unitmesh.rag.document.DocumentType.PDF]
  • [cc.unitmesh.rag.document.DocumentType.DOC]
  • [cc.unitmesh.rag.document.DocumentType.XLS]
  • [cc.unitmesh.rag.document.DocumentType.MD]
  • [cc.unitmesh.rag.document.DocumentType.HTML]
  • [cc.unitmesh.rag.document.DocumentType.TXT]

The DocumentParser interface provides a method to parse the input stream of a document.

The constant value representing the document type.


Markdown Document Parser

This class represents a parser for Markdown documents.

The MdDocumentParser class uses the [MarkdownHeaderTextSplitter] class to split the text of the document into separate sections based on the headers in the Markdown syntax. It then returns a list of Document objects representing each section of the document.

Example usage:

val parser = MdDocumentParser()
val inputStream = FileInputStream("")
val documents = parser.parse(inputStream)

Creates an instance of MdDocumentParser.


val parser = MdDocumentParser()
val inputStream = ByteArrayInputStream("Sample Markdown Text".toByteArray())
val result = parser.parse(inputStream)


The MsOfficeDocumentParser class is responsible for extracting text from Microsoft Office documents. It supports various file formats, including ppt, pptx, doc, docx, xls, and xlsx. This class implements the DocumentParser interface.

For detailed information on the supported formats, please refer to the official Apache POI website:


PdfDocumentParser is a class that implements the DocumentParser interface and is used to parse PDF documents.

This class provides a method to parse a given input stream containing a PDF document and returns a list of Document objects. Each Document object represents a parsed document and contains the extracted content along with additional metadata.

The parse method reads the input stream, loads the PDF document using the Loader class, and extracts the text content using the PDFTextStripper class. The extracted content is then used to create a Document object with the document type set to PDF.

If an IOException occurs during the parsing process, a RuntimeException is thrown.


The TextDocumentParser class is responsible for parsing text documents. It implements the DocumentParser interface.

The type of the document being parsed. The character encoding used for reading the document. It defaults to UTF-8.